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Show Management

After the invention of the Flyboard®, Franky Zapata created a collaboration with Stéphane Denis, where together they decided to produce a show incredible enough to showcase the performance of the Flyboard® – pushing the limits of both the riders and the Flyboard® itself.

Stéphane brought with him extensive knowledge in show choreography and artistic direction. With his experience and the Flyboard® hydro-flyer’s amazing potential, The Flyboard® Show was created.

What followed was a group of Flyboard® riders, now at a professional level, who were able to perform a choreographed display to a live audience.

The Flyboard® Team take pride in working with the very best artistic specialists, and have built up such a close relationship with these performers that when an opportunity arises for the team to create a new show—with new ideas—they jump at the chance to perform!

These custom made shows are one of a kind and normally created in very little time with the craziest ideas. This is the speciality of the Flyboard® Team: bringing dreams to life!

Franky Zapata

Franky Zapata
Flyboard® Inventor

Stephane Denis

Stéphane Denis
Show Manager
Artistic director


Tania Clarke
Project Manager

Nicolas PESNEL

Nicolas Pesnel
Technical Manager

Franck Richard

Show coordinator

Asian Representative

鐘小喬 華語地區負責人
Asian representative