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The story of Zapata Industries begins in 1998, led by Franky Zapata, Zapata Racing was born as a high performance PWC competition team

From design to development and through to production, Zapata Industries  has grown from its launch, into the  leader of the Hydro Sports and Water Transport Innovations

In 2012 Zapata Launched Flyboard a hydro-propelled water pressure board used for leisure and extreme sports.

Flyboard became a sport in its own right, with the annual Flyboard World Cup, held in Dubai among other international competitions

Zapata is constantly evolving and inventing new prototypes to add to its collection of Hydro-sports with the Hoverboard in 2014 and the Jet Pack in 2015

Using water transportation as a stepping stone for Air transport Zapata created Flyboard Air in 2016

Making science fiction a reality Frankie Zapata shattered the Guinness world record of farthest air flight on a Hoverboard becoming an internet sensation with more than a 100 million views across different social media channel

Key Milestones

  •  Zapata racing is created in 1998 as a PWC Team
  •  Zapata Industry launches Flyboard in 2012
  • Flyboard becomes a best seller and a competition in its own right
  • Zapata keeps innovating in the Hydro-sports markets:
    The Hoverboard in 2014 & The JetPack in 2015
  •  Zapata racing is created in 1998 as a PWC Team
  •  In 2016 Frankie Zapata shocks the world with Flyboard Air a jet propelled air board