Our Products

Franky Zapata on a Flyboard Air


  • Lightest and most convenient products in the market, only weighing 44 lbs, the Flyboard Air can easily be
 carried and transported
  • Most stable and intuitive hoverboard in the market 
with our proprietary ‘Independent Propulsion Unit’ housing four customized and highly tuned turbine engines and two stability engines for better flight control
  • Only hoverboard that has full redundancy and our balance methodology, meaning if one engine fails it can still be safely landed, making it safer than an airplane or helicopter
  • Innovative technology that will redefine the air transport industry

Franky Zapata on a Hoverboard


  • Created and commercialized the concept of Flyboard and Hoverboard
  • Most diversified portfolio of 
hydro-propelled machines and water powered attachments that attach to the back of a personal water craft (PWC)
  • Leader in self-leveling hydro flyers, which can lift a 325-pound rider up to 55 feet in the air
  • Massive online community, entertainment shows, and distribution network that reaches millions of people