Personal Water Craft: 2018 Preview

Runabouts (sit down jet skis)

The Zapata™ Runabout achieved a top speed of 83 mph and had a reduced overall weight of 450 pounds, giving Zapata™ the edge during competitions and making Zapata™ the recognized name it is today.

  • Fastest and lightest jet skis in the market with a top speed of 83 mph and a total weight of 450 pounds.
  • Zapata™ started manufacturing jet skis in the early 2000s.
  • The Zapata™ jet skis won 
multiple World, European, and French titles:
  • 2 World Titles
  • 6 European Titles
  • 3 French Titles

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Stand Up Jet Ski

The Zapata™ Stand Up Jet Ski achieved a top speed of 66 mph and had a reduced overall weight of 341 pounds, starting Zapata’s™ racing career with multiple wins and championships, becoming the catalyst for Zapata’s™ winning attitude.

  • First stand up jet ski introduced into market in 2008.
  • Top speed of 66 mph and a total weight of 341 pounds.
  • The high performance first generation was a record breaker.
  • Second iteration to hit market in 2018.

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Future Product

Two-Way Jet Ski

Changing the way users interact with their recreational hydro-flyers, the Two-Way Jet Ski will replace the traditional personal water craft (PWC) and allow riders the ability to use two Zapata™ products on one machine. The Two-Way Jet Ski will also allow users to switch between a traditional jet ski mode and a mode to use Zapata™ peripherals as an attachment with ease.

  • It will replace the sit down jet ski and offer full compatibility with all hydro-flyer systems
  • The Two-Way Jet Ski will not only will be a great innovation for the personal water craft industry, but also a game changer, incentivizing the user to acquire various hydro-flyers
  • Solves problem of using existing PWC that doesn’t have front-facing outlet. User can switch between jet ski mode and other Zapata hydro-flyers with the press of a button