rides and attractions

Research and development is already complete.

With Zapata Industries’ expertise at developing, prototyping, and building products cheaper than competitors, we have the ability to disrupt a USD 7.9 billion amusement and water park industry. Our Air Pump attractions will compete with indoor flight and bungee jump attractions by offering a high capacity, multi-purpose experience cheaper and more reliable than our competitors. Research and development for our Water Pump is currently complete, offering a more mobile, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solution to bulky, space consuming attractions. Research conducted by Zapata has confirmed that our products would not only be much more feasible in many different environments, but as a permanent installation, it would be cheaper to operate than a jet ski rental facility with more cost effective maintenance and lesser operational costs.

Zapata Amusement Park Ride

Zapata Industries is going after the ‘Ride and Attractions’ industry

  • Amusement and water parks spent more than USD 7.9 billion in development in 
  • Zapata Industries has the capacity to build thrilling attractions at a discount compared to its competitor
  • ‘Air Pump’ attraction could be franchised to independent parks:
    • Indoor flight
    • Indoor bungee jumping
    • In talks with ride manufacturers about building
    • High capacity, multi-person ride experience

‘Water Pump’ attraction could be a great addition to cable parks and rental centers

  • Thrill junkies
  • R&D is complete and we are seeking to commercialize the opportunity
  • More mobile and economically green, environmentally friendly, and highly sustainable
  • Technology has been showcased in our Flyboard Show
  • As permanent installation, it’s cheaper to operate than a jet ski rental facility
  • Cheaper maintenance and operational costs