Our Patents

Zapata™ has the strongest patent portfolio in the field of hydro-flight, and includes the original and pioneering hydro-flight patents dating back as early as 2004 which provided the world’s first glimpse into the field of hydro-flight, as well as additional, independent patent rights that further birthed what is today recognized as the continually-expanding recreational hydro-flight industry.

These patent rights immediately pave the way for Zapata™ to significantly increase sales of its existing product lines throughout the United States and abroad, and to develop new hybrid products that enjoy the combined, multi-faceted protection of patents within Zapata’s™ growing patent portfolio.

Zapata’s™ hydro-flight patents, coupled with Zapata’s™ additional patent portfolios in the field of air-propelled aviation, results in a best-in-class patent portfolio with far reaching military, industrial, and consumer applications.

Zapata’s Patents And Patent Applications

Patent Number Country Status
2012311330 Australia Issued
D716,065 United States
Design Patent
D714,086 United States
Design Patent
8336805 United States Issued
2560921 Canada Issued
8608104 United States Issued
8979017 United States Issued
9168991 United States Issued
1732806 European Issued
8851943 United States Issued
2980166 France Issued
7258301 United States Issued
7735772 United States Issued
7900867 United States Issued
9205905 United States Issued
3018261 France Issued
9387914 United States Issued
2005226960 Australia Issued
1653136 France Pending
MX/a/2014/003345 Mexico Pending
PCT/FR2014/050673 PCT Pending
14/534753 PCT Pending
Pub. No. WO 2014/151980
PCT Pending
Pub No. 2014/0374542
United States Pending
Pub. No. 2014/0263849
United States Pending
2014-531288 Japan Pending
1654171 France Pending
PCT/FR2012/050877 PCT Pending
1451896 France Pending
476216 France Pending
1158297 France Pending
12725478.7 Europe Pending
12722456.6 Europe Pending
201280056783.4 China Pending
2849232 Canada Pending
BR1120140083070 Brazil Pending
PCT/FR2012/050875 PCT Pending