About Us

Zapata™ is the undisputed leader in developing and manufacturing hydro- and jet-powered technologies and products. Zapata’s™ proprietary balance methodology, algorithms, and patented designs are currently commercialized and in development within the recreation, entertainment, military, medical, and industrial sectors.

Zapata’s™ founder, world champion jet ski racer Franky Zapata, launched Zapata Racing® to satisfy his passion by inventing new aftermarket products to make the world’s fastest personal water craft. With unparalleled performance, Zapata™ products quickly became a racing requirement to achieve the competitive edge necessary to win. With the desire to go even faster, Zapata™ shifted focus, and began manufacturing the fastest sit down and stand up jet skis in the racing world.

In 2012 Zapata™ launched the revolutionary Flyboard®, kickstarting a niche $200 million Hydroflight Sports and Recreation industry. Hydroflight is still in its earliest stages of growth and development, and the unwaning market demand provides a view for Zapata’s™ opportunity to further commercialize the industry in the coming years.

In 2016 Zapata™ achieved its proof of concept goal by producing the safest, most reliable, lightest, fastest, and least expensive personal flight system ever created with the unveiling of the Flyboard Air™. The Flyboard Air™ utilizes Zapata’s™ proprietary algorithms and balance methodology to direct jet engines to act independently and harmoniously. The performance parameters of the Flyboard Air™ provide undisputed proof that Zapata™ technology is commercially viable for advanced applications within the military, industrial, and medical fields.


  • The foundation for Zapata™ began in 1998 with Franky Zapata—champion rider in the world of competitive watersports—as Zapata Racing® is born from a personal water craft (PWC) competition team.
  • In 2012, Zapata™ launched Flyboard®, a water-propelled hydro-flyer board used for leisure and extreme sporting applications, which revolutionized people’s relationship with watersports and ignited an industry.
  • From design, development, and production, Zapata Racing® not only pioneered the Hydroflight Sports industry, but it has also established itself as the world leader.
  • With the popularity of the Flyboard® growing exponentially, it naturally progressed into an extreme sport competition, ushering in the annual Flyboard® World Cup, first held in Qatar since 2012 and Dubai presently.
  • Zapata™ is constantly evolving and inventing new prototypes to add to its portfolio of hydro and jet-flyers with the Hoverboard by ZR® in 2014, the Zapata Jetpack® in 2015, and the Flyboard Air™ in 2016.
  • New Years Challenge 2016: Franky Zapata bet a childhood friend one Euro that he would build an air-board within the 2016 year that would win the Guinness Book of World Records title for longest hoverboard flight. Four months later, Zapata took that title and collected his Euro.

Franky Zapata testing an early Flyboard Air™ prototype.