Why We Win

Zapata™ will become recognized by our ability to make smaller, lighter, more efficient, scalable, and innovative products that will come to define the best personal flight systems ever created. Zapata™ will also revolutionize the military, medical, and industrial sectors with autonomous flight capabilities.

Zapata™ is gearing up to create a brand new industry within the personal flight sector with our jet technology from the Flyboard Air™. Proprietary stability systems, enhanced maneuverability, bespoke algorithms, and advanced logic boards will make our advantage leaps and bounds above the competition. Other competitors are cumbersome, hampered by weight, inable to be scaled upwards, and do not have full flight redundancy—making Zapata™ flight products safer than a helicopter.

Already saturated in the Hydroflight market utilizing Zapata’s™ hydro-flyers, we have dominated the field with a massive online presence and the best, most reliable equipment available. Moving forward, Zapata™ will focus on jet-propelled machines with our Air Jet Crafts—continuing the success of the Flyboard Air™. Zapata’s™ stabilization expertise, patented software, proprietary balance methodology, and quick-to-market products offer flight solutions that others cannot match. Plus, our lightweight design (44 pounds for the Flyboard Air™) allow our products to be transported without special equipment, giving Zapata™ an insurmountable edge.

Zapata’s™ ability to commercialize new technology, reenergize the $500-million plus personal water craft industry, and disrupt the commercial flight industry, Zapata™ is poised to become the leader in personal aviation and will continue to develop new products in high-volume markets where we can maintain our leadership position.


  • Disruptive Technology Company
  • Proven Track Record of Market Segment Creation
  • Strong Patent Portfolio
  • Highly Successful Management Team
  • Cash Flow Positive