Using our turbine technology, which has the advantage of being much smaller than the competition, our products allow for rapid development and an inherent technological advantage for use in military applications. We can utilize our products to broaden the spectrum of the military’s needs for surveillance, supply and delivery systems, counterterrorism, and manned and unmanned combat vehicles. With a massive USD 2 trillion in R&D allotment for military spend, Zapata™ will have immediate access to growth, a stable market with high revenue, and a large profit margin


  • Zapata™ has the opportunity to enter a competitive market with an absolute technological advantage.
  • Our technology lets us customize bespoke products to fit various military needs with manned and unnamed vehicles, as well as supply and delivery systems.
  • The military market represents USD 2 trillion in R&D Global Spend. Zapata™ will have immediate access to growth, a stable market with high revenue, and a large profit margin.
  • Targeting:
    • Surveillance
    • Delivery
    • Clandestine Operation
    • Counterterrorism
    • Manned and unmanned combat vehicles

Air Cargo

Using Zapata’s™ proprietary four-channel redundancy system and remote wireless capabilities, the Air Cargo™ platform has multiple uses in delivery applications, such as ammunition replenishment, or medevac supply. Without a physical operator, the Air Cargo system mitigates the risk to more lives by allowing the unmanned system to do the work of a traditional crew of helicopter pilots in a remote location with a faster deployment time than traditionally allowed. A 500-pound payload rating offers flexibility and more convenient access then ground vehicles.

  • Unmanned delivery platform
  • Fast deloyment
  • Hard to reach areas
  • 500 pounds of payload capabilities
  • Honing capabilities saves resources

Air Medevac

Using the same turbines that power the Zapata Flyboard Air™, the Air Medevac™ will offer unparalleled access for emergency applications to be used in hostile military environments and remote personnel removal. Using our proprietary four-channel redundancy system, the Air Medevac™ will offer injured soldiers the ability to safely be remotely removed from dangerous situations with life-saving equipment onboard, which can be used for treatment during the autonomous flight.

  • Minimize casualties by replacing people with robots
  • Sterile environment with life-saving equipment on-board

Hover Bike

For manned combat missions in hostile environments, the Zapata™ Jet Bike™ would allow military personnel reconnaissance, surveillance, quick breach options, extraction, and clandestine capabilities. Supporting a fully-equipped crew of two, the Jet Bike™ would be capable of flying unmanned using an auto-pilot rescue mode for soldier pickup and drop-off in a multitude of confrontational situations where conventional equipment is too cumbersome and expected by the opposition. Onboard weapon systems and active countermeasures keep pilots safe and well equipped.

  • Unmanned delivery platform
  • Manned combat vehicle
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance capability
  • Capable of flying unmanned for soldier pickup and drop-off
  • Working prototype to be completed in 2018
  • Based off the Podracer™ 1.0