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JetRacer® is the latest invention of Franky Zapata and his team. Mixing the design of a drone with a racing car, this flying machine is the fastest one created by the company. 

Its stabilization system and its autonomy make this machine the most practical means of transport for short distances.

Franky Zapata- Flyboard - flying

Produced by Etoile Noire, co-produced with Zapata and Injam Production and directed by Julian Nodolwsky, the documentary FLYING shows the whole process of making this extraordinary Channel crossing in Flyboard® Air. 

From the conception of the idea to the inventor's last statements, you will find moments never before seen in the film, including the refueling scene on the boat in the open sea. A moment never seen before!


FLYING is available on the Planet + A&E channel, but you can also find it on your MyCanal platform in the Channel + Documentary section.

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The new technology of the Flyboard® Air is a turning point in aviation. Precisely and carefully designed, with a large number of built-in safety features, this machine contains the safest, lightest and most maneuverable system ever created.

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