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  • FROM : 14/07/2019
  • In : Paris
  • France

The animation of the opening of the parade of July 14th was coming to an end and the public could already see the plumes of the French patrol opening the parade above the towers of La Défense when at 10:40 am, a UFO had landed above the Place de la Concorde: Perched on a turboprop platform, a flying man, all dressed in black and holding a gun, "parked" himself standing in front of the presidential grandstand, several dozen meters high, performing some manoeuvres with a staggering ease, under the astonished eyes of the spectators, and no doubt, of the television viewers.

This man is not Tony Stark but Franky Zapata, a man from Marseilles who several years ago embarked on the design of a revolutionary machine, which is now of great interest to the army - hence his presence on the Fields this Sunday.

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