Rewarded with numerous victories in Jet-skiing and guided by passion and success, Franky Zapata turns to the challenge of innovation and differentiation.

After numerous tests of hydro-propelled machines in 2011 and in the face of public enthusiasm, the production and worldwide marketing of Flyboard® will be limited only by the quantity produced.
Other hydro-propelled products have been developed to give more and more sensations to its fans.


Flyboard - Hydroflyers - Franky Zapata

For this new model, we propose a design totally revisited by a team of industrial designers.

In addition to its appearance, Flyboard® Pro Series offers many new innovations and features. Among them, the transparent nozzles made of ultra-resistant plastic, but also the "secure twist" system that allows the board to rotate on its axis by 10 to 20° at leg strength. This innovation is equipped with a return spring, for a return to a neutral position, as well as stops to lock and limit the spin angle. In the development of this new Flyboard®, we have paid particular attention to the resistance and the reinforcement of the safety coefficient of the parts. All tests and stress measurements have been carried out using state-of-the-art software comparable to that used in Formula 1.



Inspired by the movie Back to the FutureTM or in reference to the famous Surfer d'ArgentTM, Hoverboard by ZR® is a hydro-powered board that allows its user to move and surf freely over the water.

Connected to the turbine of the VNM by means of a hose, the user of Hoverboard by ZR® can easily steer the board, and rise up to 8 meters above the water, at a speed of 40 km/h.

The height and speed that Hoverboard by ZR® can reach depends on the power of the VNM to which it is connected. The user is advised a minimum power for his VNM of 180 HP.


hover board- Franky Zapata - board - hydro - propelled


franky Zapata- jetpack- flying -zapata

Jetpack by ZR® is a system for flying in a seated position, requiring less balance and dexterity.

Like the Flyboard® Pro Series, it uses the latest technology in transparent hydraulics and ultra-modern design. It is equipped with a 5-point safety harness manufactured by an FIA approved company and has a button to release it at the touch of a finger. The steering controls have been placed under the user's arms to allow maximum mobility in the water. The Jetpack by ZRTM is a product adapted to a wider public. Indeed, it is suitable for people looking for extreme sensations, wanting to slip into the shoes of James Bond, as well as for people with reduced mobility. Now everyone can fly!



Zapata Flyride® is the latest addition to the Zapata® water products. It allows you to glide and fly on the water, and offers completely exclusive sensations!

Easy to handle, it has been specially designed to be accessible to all, whatever the level of the user. Flyride® is perfect for leisure use, alone or with two people, in a spirit of sport as well as walking! 4 modes :

Many possibilities are offered by this product, in particular the possibility of making tendrils (single or double) whether you are alone or two on the machine!


franky Zapata- fly ride- flying -zapata


Franky Zapata- aquadrone- zapata

The only water-powered drone. Capable of lifting scenic elements weighing up to 100 kg. Allows an unlimited number of artistic effects