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Zapata and Team Europe join forces to reinvent mobility

Zapata and Team Europe join forces to reinvent mobility

Zapata becomes a supplier of individual mobility: the technology holding company Team Europe, headed by Lukasz Gadowski, supports the company of the innovator Franky Zapata. Together they strive to develop innovative products and position them successfully on the global mobility market.

Zapata is a world leader in the development and manufacture of hydro and turboprop products. Franky Zapata - "the flying man" - crossed the English Channel on his Flyboard® Air. With this 2016 invention, Zapata revolutionised the industry and turned a leisure activity into a new extreme sport. His new creation, the JetRacer® flying car, will mark the future of personal mobility. It will be able to reach air speeds of up to 300 km/h and carry up to 200 kg.

"I consider Franky Zapata a genius engineer and appreciate his humility, kindness and never give up mentality," says Lukasz Gadowski, CEO of Team Europe. "Together we aim to make Zapata a world leader. From France, we want to inspire the US and the rest of the world. It's not just what you see today at Zapata - it's the roadmap that is so exciting. « 

Franky Zapata, founder and CEO of Zapata: "Lukasz Gadowski is very experienced in building successful companies. What started out as a hobby for extreme sports fans has turned into a professional sport, and with Team Europe we are now going to take it a step further: we are going to revolutionise the future of mobility. »

About Team Europe

Team Europe is a global technology holding company whose mission is to deliver a better future through technology. Its main areas of focus are "Digital & Platforms", "Mobility & MAaaS" (Micro-Aviation as a Service) and "clean abundant energy".

Team Europe has been creating or actively supporting startups for over 15 years, including e-commerce company Spreadshirt, delivery service company Delivery Hero, solar company Enpal, mobility provider Miles, micro-mobility company Bird, and Volocopter and Archer, two world leaders in urban air mobility (MAA).


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