Franky Zapata started in the business world in 1998 with the creation of a high level VNM competition team.

Quickly noticed by the major VNM brands, Zapata Racing became BRP's factory team in 1999, representing the brand's influence around the world.

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Thanks to its experience in the world of VNM and its expertise in propulsion, the Zapata Racing team became the official brand of PWC Product in 2008.

From design to production through development, Zapata Racing becomes the leader of "Made in France" handheld VNMs.

Flyboard - Hydroflyers - Franky Zapata

Guided by passion and success, Franky Zapata turns to the challenges of innovation and differentiation to ensure the future of his company.

With the release of the first Flyboard® waterboard and the public's enthusiasm, production and worldwide marketing will be limited only by the quantity produced.

Flyboard - Hydroflyers - Franky Zapata

As soon as it was launched on the market, Flyboard® was more than a leisure activity, it became a real sport in its own right, with the organization of the first Flyboard® World Cup in 2012.

With its distribution and rental network present in the 5 continents, Zapata has not finished making millions of people's wildest dreams come true by creating new innovative machines straight out of the comic books!

After the resounding success of the water machines, Franky Zapata turns to a new major challenge:

Create a fully autonomous, secure machine, capable of unprecedented mobility.

Flyboard® Air

After more than ten patents and the resounding success of the hydro-propelled machines, Franky Zapata turns to a new challenge by realizing his dream: to create a redundant flying machine, extremely compact. He decided to call it FLYBOARD® AIR.

In 2016, he became famous by achieving the Guinness World Record for distance traveled on a hoverboard. Since then, Franky Zapata and his Flyboard® Air have traveled the world participating in shows such as F1, Moto GP, FIA WEC and the Red Bull Air Race.

In 2019, he took part in the July 14 parade, performing an aerial demonstration in front of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and several other heads of state.
Franky decided to take on the crazy challenge of crossing the English Channel as a tribute to aviation pioneer Louis Blériot who, 110 years earlier, had accomplished the same feat. This feat was the subject of a documentary produced by Etoile Noire entitled "Flying". After a first failure on July 25, 2019, Franky Zapata did not give up. Thanks to the commitment of his entire team, he rebuilt his machine in a week. On August 4, he completed his Channel crossing in 22 minutes.

Surrounded by engineers and supported by a solid design office, the Z-AIR company continues its ascent by designing and developing new products, with the aim of changing the mobility of the future.
Among several of its confidential projects, one attracts attention, the JetRacer® flying machine. This invention is expected to undergo its first official tests before the summer of 2021.