Franky Zapata started his career in jet ski racing. He created a top team with which he won 3 world titles and 7 European titles. He and his team then designed, manufactured and sold aquatic products (including the popular FlyBoard®) between 2011 and 2019.

Website dedicated to the distribution and sale of aquatic products:

Website dedicated to Flyboard® Shows:

In 2016, Franky made a "change of medium": he went from water to air with the first flight of the now iconic FlyBoard® Air. Franky's exploits on the FlyBoard® Air, such as crossing the English Channel in 2019, have attracted the attention of the public, the armed forces of various countries, but also investors such as Team Global.

Team Global and Zapata have decided to join forces with the objective of becoming a major player in the aerial mobility of the future. While today's products are positioned in the field of extreme sports and entertainment, we are working on the development of flying machines compatible with the needs of the mass market.

Our roadmap is focused on designing aircraft that are easy and safe to fly, with features and performance tailored to air mobility. The dream and vision is nothing less than individual mass air transportation - environmentally friendly, safe, enjoyable and affordable.