Unlock the Power of Flight

The Flyboard® allows anyone the ability to fly.

Engineered from the ground up to give you superior control and precise maneuverability, the Flyboard® Pro is simple enough to learn on your first time out. Lighter and more efficient with upgraded features and greater innovation makes the Flyboard® perfect for novices to experts.

Made for Everyone

From teens to adults, the Flyboard® Pro is the next generation of personal water sports equipment made to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether mastering a new skill or having fun with the family, the Flyboard® Pro will have you flying in no time!

Choose Your Boards

Flyboard® Sport

Whether just starting out on the water or interested in a new adrenaline rush, the Flyboard® Sport offers an easier learning curve. The static footplate helps beginners get acclimated with the incredible ability of the Sport model. Without the additional Pro benefits, the Sport is a more economical choice, costing 25-percent less than the Pro Series.

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Flyboard® Pro Series

The Flyboard® Pro Series is the hydroflyer preferred by top athletes all over the world for its performance benefits. Because of its rotating base plate that allows the Flyboard® to pivot on its axis by up to 20 degrees, performance and trick capability reach the next level.

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With an improved propulsion system, the Flyboard® is 32% more powerful and is more diverse than ever with fully redesigned nozzles that direct water flow in a more direct way, making every movement more purposeful than ever. All tests and measurements of force and torque were made thanks to advanced software comparable to those used in the design of Formula 1 vehicles.

Easy to Install

The Flyboard® can be installed in about an hour and a half, with simple hand tools, which means you can be flying in no time! Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Most dealers and rental centers offer installation service.

Swaps in Seconds

Adding one of Zapata’s hydroflyers doesn’t mean you will have to miss riding your PWC. Switching back is easy and fast. With a Quick Nozzle (sold separately) you can swap between flying and riding in seconds.

Compatible with all major Jet Skis®

Flyboard® is engineered with the most current lineup of watercraft in mind, meaning compatibility and fitment is second to none, giving you the best performance available.

Fun for All Skill Levels

The Flyboard® offers ways to customize your personal setup according to skill level, preference and intended use. Adjustable nozzle sizes with forward and backward orientation direction and spring adjustability for more or less resistance for tilt operation (available on Pro Series) provide infinite control while in the air.

The Flyboard Kit

Here is everything you get with a Flyboard® Pro Series and Flyboard® Sport Kit.

  1. 1-Flyboard® Deck
  2. 2-Bindings
  3. 3-Hose
  4. 4-Hose Clamps
  5. 5-Pump Interface
  6. 6-Dual Swivel U-Pipe

Will it work with my Jet Ski®?

Zapata hydroflight systems work with all major brands of PWCs.

We have an adapter kit for you!

Flyboards Compared

FeaturesSportPro Series
Diameter, orientation and angle of the nozzles adjustable to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power.
Large footplate for maximum stability.
A rotating hose coupling system compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing® products.
Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect system, that expels water from the PWC hull while using the Flyboard®.
Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32% and 35% lighter than previous Flyboard® Legend.
Secure twist system allowing the board to rotate on its axis.  
Equipped with a return spring, allowing the rider to return to a neutral position.  
Strength of return spring is adjustable.  
Adjustable stops at 0°,10°,20° for end of rotation.  
Index pin to lock the spin function for new users.  
Red, aluminum nozzle rings that help increase the pressure and power of water from the Flyboard®.  

Featured Accessories

Wireless EMK

A wireless EMK remote gives the rider the ability to control the throttle of their PWC remotely, eliminating the need to have a second person controlling the PWC. It works in the air and underwater (up to 4 seconds) to allow for underwater tricks and includes five different preset settings for varying levels of thrust.

Quick Nozzle

A Quick Nozzle makes switching between hydroflying and regular PWC riding simple and fast. It can take less than a minute to swap. The Quick Nozzle is universal and works with ALL PWC on the market. What changes is the steering cable connection adapter, which is model specific.

Double Impeller

Replacing the stock impeller with a hydroflight dual impeller allows a PWC to function more efficiently, while increasing the PWC’s thrust around 30-40%. It minimizes fuel consumption by around 20-30% and avoids potential cavitation.

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