Strap in and take off!

Jetpacks have been part of science fiction and experimental aviation for decades, dating back to the space race. Zapata has taken that concept and made an ultra-stable hydroflyer that anyone can fly. The system allows the user to fly in a seated, secured position and is less dependent on the rider’s balance and dexterity to fly. The JetPack is so stable that, once in the air, a user can even let go of the controls and stay flying in a hovering position.

Futuristic Design

The black, angular forms are reminiscent of stealth technology and the five-point harness resembles something from a fighter jet, or race car. Transparent nozzles direct powerful jets of water and aluminum handle bars and nozzle rings elegantly complement plastic, foam and rubber components. Zapata’s signature red and black colors have never been so striking. This may be the world’s sexiest working jetpack.

JetPack by ZR®

The seated position is less demanding for riders. The controls and futuristic design make you feel like a pilot.


Wireless EMK Ready

Using an EMK adapter for JetPack (sold separately), either of the two hand controls can be replaced with Zapata’s wireless EMK, which would allow the user to remotely control the PWC’s thrust.

Five Point Harness

The striking, bright red harness is manufactured to FIA (auto racing) standards. While incredibly secure, it can be quickly released with the press of a finger.

50% Lighter

The Jetpack by ZR® is 50% lighter, than competing hydroflying jetpacks, allowing it to fly high, fast and perform a number of tricks and agile maneuvers, such as forward barrel roles, tight vertical twists, helicopter on top of hose, flying backwards and back flips.

Foam Seat

Made with unsinkable, durable foam, the entire seat and back rest are buoyant and provide shock absorption from impacts on the water.

The JetPack by ZR® Kit

Here is everything you get with the JetPack by ZR® Kit.

  1. 1-JetPack by ZR®
  2. 2-Hose
  3. 3-Hose Clamps
  4. 4-Pump Interface
  5. 5-Dual Swivel U-Pipe

Will it work with my PWC?

Zapata hydroflight systems work with all major brands of PWCs.

We have an adapter kit for you!

Featured Accessories

Wireless EMK

A wireless EMK remote gives the rider the ability to control the throttle of their PWC remotely, eliminating the need to have a second person controlling the PWC. It works in the air and underwater (up to 4 seconds) to allow for underwater tricks and includes five different preset settings for varying levels of thrust.

Quick Nozzle

A Quick Nozzle makes switching between hydroflying and regular PWC riding simple and fast. It can take less than a minute to swap. The Quick Nozzle is universal and works with ALL PWC on the market. What changes is the steering cable connection adapter, which is model specific.

Double Impeller

Replacing the stock impeller with a hydroflight dual impeller allows a PWC to function more efficiently, while increasing the PWC’s thrust around 30-40%. It minimizes fuel consumption by around 20-30% and avoids potential cavitation.

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