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AIRSCOOTER can be flown without a pilot’s license

Computer assisted controls ensure the highest degree of safety while requiring minimal flight training

Our first Flight Center will welcome customers in 2024

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Air Mobility: a new era of travel

We believe in a world with safe, clean, pleasant, and affordable airborne individual transport

Personal VTOL Aircrafts: an alternative to cars

Our ambition is to revolutionize mobility with mass market compatible flying machines

A pragmatic approach

Our aircrafts are competitive across a variety of use cases, which will gradually evolve towards air mobility


Franky Zapata (CEO of ZAPATA) started his journey in Jet Ski racing. He created a high-level Jet Ski competition team and won 3 world titles and 7 European titles. He and his team then designed, manufactured, and sold water products (including the popular FlyBoard®) between 2011 and 2019.

In 2016, ZAPATA made a transition from the water to the air…



Franky Zapata’s iconic invention

Powered by 5 jet engines, it is the smallest redundant manned aircraft ever built



A revolutionary “flying car”

The most agile VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft on the market