the smallest redundant manned aircraft ever built


Top speed

Max altitude

Flight time

Carrying capacity


77 x 51 x 48

L x l x H (cm)

Empty weight

Tank (Jet A1)


Flyboard Air®: Pushing the limits

Flyboard Air® is a jet powered board designed to showcase the potential of “hypermobility”.

Powered by 5 jet engines, it is the smallest redundant manned aircraft ever built.

Its advanced stabilization and the redundancy of all critical systems ensure that the board is safe to fly in all conditions. Nevertheless, flying the Flyboard® Air is a demanding task which requires a high level of skill and fitness.

Flyboard® Air holds the world record for the longest distance traveled on a hoverboard. It received a lot of public attention during the crossing of the English Channel in 2019, as well as during the air shows which ensued (Formula 1, Moto GP etc.).