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Management & Support Functions

This team regroups all the functions outside of the core technical areas, which enable smooth and seamless operation of our business: HR, Finance, Business Development, Communication, etc.



From the hand drafting of an idea to its 3D conception, this department gives life to the structural and mechanical parts of our machines.

Hardware / software development

A specialized team of engineers is responsible for developing our aircrafts embedded systems, such as: flight controllers sensors, control systems, engine management systems, hybrid power systems and associated algorithms.


Prototyping Workshop

As its name suggests, the prototyping workshop is responsible for creating and testing prototypes of our flying machines and their individual systems. 

Flight Testing

One of the most important activities of the research and development of the company is flight testing. This includes the test pilots, but also flight testing & airworthiness engineers.


Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Our ambition is to mass produce our flying machines, which requires a strong production organization. It relies on both in-house manufacturing capabilities and a robust suppliers network. 

Commercial OperationS

The operations team oversees commercial flight operations across the globe. This includes writing procedures, training the staff, providing user technical support, and delivering maintenance services.


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Zapata is an innovative company whose ambition is to change tomorrow’s mobility.
Franky Zapata, the company’s founder, along with his team, is developing flying machines to meet the needs of different markets.

In the coming months, we’ll be bringing AirScooter to market, and are setting up an industrial organization to support our growth ambitions.

Joining Zapata means becoming part of a dynamic team with a positive and stimulating spirit, fostering innovation and professional fulfillment.

We believe in the strength of our collective to achieve ambitious goals and advance our common mission.

We’re looking for people who are passionate, rigorous, and proactive. If this sounds like you, apply now!