A revolutionary flying car


Top speed

Max altitude

Flight time

Carrying capacity



L x l x H (cm)

Empty weight

Tank (Jet A1)


JetRacer® is a revolutionary vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft

  • Agile: powered by 10 jet engines, it is a fast and maneuverable machine with unmatched all-weather capabilities
  • Easy & Safe: patented computer assisted “fly by wire” controls ensure the highest degree of safety while requiring minimal training.
  • Compact: with its small footprint (2.2m x 2.0m), the JetRacer® can be operated from the smallest landing pads (offshore windmills, oil rigs, boats, trailers etc.)
  • Modular: built around a modular carbon chassis, able to fly both manned or unmanned, JetRacer® can meet multiple needs, both civilian and military