Ez-Fly is a variation of the Flyboard® Air. This product, intended for military or civilian use, will allow faster and more autonomous travel.

The modifications made allow for a training session in less than 30 minutes, which considerably reduces the training time.

Its advanced stabilization system and the redundancy of the propulsion, control and stabilization system ensure that aviation safety standards are met.

Ezfly - air - Zapata - flying machine - Fly board declination
Ezfly - air - Zapata - flying machine



  • Altitude: 3000 METRES*.
  • Speed : 150 KM/H
  • Flight time: 10 MINUTES*.
  • Number of turbines: 5
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 120 KG
  • Training time: 30 MINUTES

*Performances envisaged



  • Rapid mobility in special operations
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance flights
  • Quick access on boats
  • Airshow
  • Leisure

Devices for


  • Independent engine electronic circuit
  • Independent fuel system
  • Status indications via telemetry in the display integrated in the helmet
  • Integrated stabilization independent of controls
  • 5 isolated turbines



  • Access on steep terrain
  • Flights in strong and turbulent winds