Flyboard® Air is a turboprop board capable of unprecedented mobility. This machine is a demonstrator of the Zapata company, with the objective of showing our technology to the general public during various air events.

Flyboard® Air is the most compact redundant aircraft ever created. This machine can lose one engine and still fly. If it loses two engines, the pilot will perform a controlled landing.

However, Franky Zapata and his team continue to test the board and make improvements in terms of performance and design. The inventor is the only rider and the Zapata company is the exclusive owner.

Its advanced stabilization system and the redundancy of the propulsion, control and stabilization system ensure that aviation safety standards are met.

Franky Zapata - flyboard



  • Altitude: 3000 METRES*.
  • Speed : 200 KM/H
  • Flight time: 10 MINUTES
  • Number of turbines: 5
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 120 KG

*Performances envisaged

Click and move your mouse to discover the Flyboard® AIR under 360°.



  • Rapid mobility in special operations
  • Jettisoning from a plane or helicopter
  • Airshow
  • Leisure

Devices for


  • Easy opening boots
  • Independent engine electronic circuit
  • Independent fuel system
  • Status indications via telemetry in the display integrated in the helmet
  • Integrated stabilization independent of controls
  • 5 isolated turbines



  • Access on steep terrain
  • Flights in strong and turbulent winds
  • Controlled by a performer with the joystick or by a person on the jet


Do you want to see Franky take flight? Franky Zapata travels to many events all over the world, accompanied by the Flyboard® Air for exceptional demonstrations. Formula 1 or motorbike GP Grand Prix, Le Mans 24 hours... so many events where you will be invited to perform in the air!