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JetRacer® is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with no lifting surface, powered by 10 micro-turbo-jet engines.

Its main characteristics are maximum speed and high manoeuvrability, at the cost of a relatively short range. 

JetRacer® is built on a light and modular chassis, allowing it to meet multiple needs, both civil and military, as well as being remotely controlled. 

All critical systems are architected to provide an extremely high level of redundancy and safety: propulsion, control, power supply etc.

Franky Zapata - jetracer



  • Altitude: 3000 METRES*.
  • Speed: 250 KM/H*.
  • Maximum number of turbines: 10
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 200 KG

*Performances envisaged



  • Civilian sector :
  • Aerial demonstrations
  • Leisure
  • Military or civil security sector:
  • Rapid mobility in special operations
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance flights
  • Quick access on boats



  • Access on steep terrain
  • Flights in strong and turbulent winds
  • Autonomous flights possible
  • Transport of specific materials
  • No visible propellers

Devices for


  • Multi-level redundancy :
  • Propulsion: 10 isolated turbines. Loss of 2 engines possible without consequence on the flight.
  • Control system
  • Fuel system and power supply
  • Redundant electrical control for each motor
  • Steering assistance


Very soon, experience JetRacer® on a new circuit.

Take flight for minutes out of time with exceptional sensations!

Become a Flight Center.

The ZAPATA team remains open for future collaborations.