Your Jet Ski®, One System, Four Flying Devices

Unlock the power to fly! Initial installation takes 1-1.5 hours and then you can use your personal water craft as a hydroflight power house. The mechanics are simple and once you have an adaptor kit and hose you can connect to any one of Zapata’s hydroflyers in seconds.

Your PWC

Nearly all models of PWC are compatible with our HydroFlyers. Install and get flying.

Adapter Kit & Hose

Water expelled from the PWC is harnessed and channelled to the hydroflyer.


The hydroflyer directs the flow to give lift. The adaptor kit and hose connects with all of Zapata’s hydroflyers.

Ready to Fly

You’re all connected. Now you can fly!

Made for Everyone

From teens to adults, the Flyboard Pro is the next generation of personal watersports equipment made to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether mastering a new skill or having fun with the family, the Flyboard® will have you flying in no time! Check out young Austin (age 9) practicing his skills. His dad, Jason, tells us:

There's nothing quite like the bonding experience of Flyboarding. The confidence and self esteem it gave both of my children at young ages has been remarkable. If you can conquer independent human flight, you can conquer anything.

Jason (aka Flyboard Dad)

The Zapata Collection

There is more than one way to fly and with Zapata's range of hydroflyers you can take to the sky in a variety of ways. You can shoot up into the sky like a superhero, carve through the air like a flying surfer, or pilot a jetpack like a sci-fi action hero. We have all your flying dreams covered and once you install a PWC Connection Kit to your Jet Ski®, it will quick connect to any of Zapata's hydroflyers.


The new Zapata Flyride™ is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and offer new thrills for extreme riders.


Zapata’s original hydroflyer and flagship product that took the world by storm and water sports to new heights.

Hoverboard by ZR®

The Hoverboard combines the adrenaline rush of surfing and snowboarding with the excitement of being airborne.

Jetpack by ZR®

The seated position is less demanding for riders. The controls and futuristic design make you feel like a pilot.

Will it work with my Jet Ski®?

Zapata hydroflight systems work with all major brands of PWCs.

We have an adapter kit for you!

Swaps in Seconds

Initial installation takes 1-1.5 hours. With the addition of the Zapata Quick Nozzle (sold separately), swapping between flying and riding takes seconds.

Latest News

Zapata Flyride: Hit the barrel roll button on a flying 2-up boatercycle

Zapata Flyride: Hit the barrel roll button on a flying 2-up boatercycle

New Atlas - The Flyride is a 2-seater device that looks like the shell of a small quad bike. It attaches to just about any jet ski using a tailored hose and jet capture system, and the water runs up the middle of the bike and is forced out through twin steerable jets at the front.

Devon man is runner-up in first flyboarding competition

Devon man is runner-up in first flyboarding competition

Devonlive - A 33-year-old Torbay man has returned home from his first flyboarding competition with a runner-up trophy. James Prestwood took second place in the competition in Porto Cesareo, in south east Italy, and said it had given him a confidence boost as he sets his sights on qualification for the world championship in France next June.

Auburn HCOB student launches flyboard business

Auburn HCOB student launches flyboard business

The Auburn Plainsman - Alexis Goldhagen, senior in marketing, launched her business before she made it to her graduation day. Goldhagen had heard of flyboards before from the internet but had never seen one in person before until going on a spring break trip to Grand Cayman.

Finally, someone has designed a real hoverboard -- and it flies 80mph

Finally, someone has designed a real hoverboard -- and it flies 80mph

cnbc - A champion jet ski racer wanted to fly, so he designed his own jet-powered hoverboard. Now the EZ Fly is being considered for use by the military.

Water-powered jet pack wows on Conesus Lake

Water-powered jet pack wows on Conesus Lake

The LCN - Conesus Lake residents were treated to a strange sight Sunday afternoon as a man, equipped with what appeared to be a water-propelled jet pack, hovered his way back and forth, a full 20 feet above the lake’s surface.